Specialty Rooms

Your home is not just a home to sleep in, it should be a residence, which is an extension of yourself and represents you and your family’s lifestyle and ideals. Your home should be a sanctuary, a corner of the world planned and stamped with your personality. A place to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. At KBC Construction, we provide you with the means to make your space your own with our specialty room services!

Specialty Rooms: Design Phase

Our Residential Designer, Kristian Bell, will crystallize and distil your ideas until we create a room that not only capitalizes on the attributes of the rest of your home, but also represents a timeless elegance that is not going to date and will be fresh and desirable for years to come. We will work through these concepts with you to create your perfect living space. We can show you exactly how your room will look with alternate finishes, and you can be safe with the knowledge that you will end up with a simply breathtaking custom designed room.

A Custom Designed Room Fit for You

Do not settle for a revamped display room, have KBC Construction create something unique and individual that will be crafted to your needs. If you really want something that stands out from the crowd, something unique to showcase in your home, a custom designed room is the way to achieve this. You and your home deserve only the best and it is a lot more economical than you may think with our unique process. Give us a call for a consultation for our specialty room services today!