Renovation projects are opportunities to improve an existing building or to create a brand-new building—both of which are some of our favorite projects. Nothing draws a family together more than a home that mirrors the things they love in life. From raising kids to making a difference to the environment, a home is a place where families grow closer and KBC Construction loves that. For that reason, we’d love to help you bring your dream home into fruition with our renovation services!

Remodel Projects

Remodeling is an exciting opportunity, and the best way to make a house your home. Options for remodeling include bathroom and kitchen reconstruction, expansion of rooms, or even adding additional rooms. It is exciting for us to work with families who are turning a house into a place where they can lie down their history.

Another exciting move for homeowners is to add an extra floor. Building-up not only adds value to your home, but also it presents the perfect opportunity to modernize your property. Add green components, improve insulation, and add special rooms like a home office or a game room to your remodel, too!

Custom Residential Homes

Custom residential building projects are exciting. In this modern age, there are so many new building products, philosophies that working with residential projects becomes a joy, even renovation. So why does KBC Construction get excited about residential projects? Mostly because they offer variety and that variety meshes perfectly with our long history of building in the Houston area, our experience of working with residential projects, and our deep knowledge of mainstream and modern building techniques and technologies.

Renovations: Design Phase

We will start with a clean slate, and together with your ideas and our considerable expertise, KBC will develop your plans step by step until you are absolutely thrilled with them. We will even take you on a guided walk through your home before a sod of soil is turned, to ensure that you are well-informed about each of your renovation decisions. Ready to get started? Book an appointment for a consultation today!