Meet Our Contractor

Kristian Bell enjoys extraordinary challenges and loves projects where he gets to be creative, producing unique projects that essentially push the envelope of design.

Kristian is a self-taught master carpenter, who comes from a family of construction and carpentry that extends over 80 years. He had grown up on construction job sites, tagging along with his father, who has been a contractor for over 40 years. For his first six years in the contracting business as an adult, Kristian worked alongside his childhood best friend, Brandon Redgrave, focusing on small remodeling and building projects to refine his carpentry skills as a hobby while playing in a minor—and eventually major—baseball league.

However, following an unfortunate accident, Kristian was no longer able to professionally play his favorite sport, and just two weeks later, he started his own contracting company, which eventually grew year-after-year to become what we’ve come to know as KBC Construction.

About KBC

KBC Construction is an elite company based in the Memorial Area of Houston specializing in new home construction and high-end home renovations. We’re a general contractor that knows how to take your ideas and turn them into reality. Your home is more than an investment, and we understand just how important of a space it is for you and your family. With family experience in construction and carpentry and an in-house design team with over 25 years of design experience, KBC is prepared to take you from the beginning design phases to a finished home.

Our Team

Kristian has been building our team since day one, grooming them into the quality tradesmen he still has today, allowing for a consistent high-quality product. Our team is instilled with the same high expectations of quality workmanship, work ethics, and integrity that are the founding principles of the company. Our team’s knowledge and creativity offer you beautiful and sophisticated building solutions that match both your budget and lifestyle.

Contact us today; a member of our staff would be delighted to provide further information about us and let you know what we can do for you!